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Best Hypothyroid Diet Plan

As you may or may not know, I have struggled with hypothyroidism for many years. While I was younger (I’m in my 50’s now, shhh, don’t tell) I could just not eat and lose weight. As the years and number of children I’ve had have increased, I have five children – as I write this article my oldest is 32 and my  youngest is 10, losing weight as been a losing battle.

It has been since my last child was born that I have not been able to lose the excess weight I’ve gained. For a long time I blamed it on menopause, but when my hair started thinning, my energy level sank to all time lows, depression was kicking in and all I wanted to do was sleep, I decided to figure out what the problem was and find a solution!

After reading everything I could about healing your thyroid naturally, because I’m interested in staying away from pharmaceuticals if possible, I have found some things that work. For me the best hypothyroid diet plan is one that includes lots of greens, fresh fruit, little to no wheat, no refined sugar, lots of protein and very little alcohol.

In this fast food world we live in, even if you are preparing food at home, it is hard to avoid the foods of habit. You know what I’m talking about; the potato chips, the crackers, the cookies that call out to you because you buy them for your kids. I need something that is easy to make, fast and takes away my urge to binge.

Best Hypothyroid Diet Plan

I believe I have found the solution!

If you haven’t heard about the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation – no this is not a Dr. Oz deal – you can watch this video that explains it.

The Best Hypothyroid Diet Plan Explained:



I will be starting my transformation products as soon as they arrive and will be documenting my results here.

The products are all natural. They are processed at low temperatures (except those that, by law, must be processed at a minimum temperature that is somewhat higher and doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the product). They are whole foods that are easy to grab when that – I want something to eat right now – urge hits you.

Since former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop proclaimed the relationship of poor diet to disease, we’ve come to accept his now famous “5 A-Day” minimum recommendation for daily fruit and vegetable intake as somehow optimal for nutrition and health. As sound as this bottom-line figure is, most people are not getting even this minimum level of the vital nutrients they need in their daily diet. But in my opinion, as well as that of an increasing number of nutritional scientists, most of us need at least 12 A-Day servings of vegetable and fruits. Unfortunately, few of us are able to consume such volume, let alone afford it. It has thus become far more practical to make up for our nutritional deficits by supplementing with concentrated and convenient sources of plant-derived foods-thus the increasing popularity of green drinks and juicing.  -David Sandoval, Author of the Green Foods Bible

While many people start with the transformational cleanse, because I have just gotten over a killer (literally) case of pneumonia, I’m going to be using the products that will build up my body and adrenal glands first. As I start to feel stronger, I will be undertaking the cleanse.

Supporting your adrenal glands is one of the most important aspects of getting your thyroid production under control. The program that I am starting with specifically addresses this issue.

Adrenal stress is probably the most common problem we encounter in functional medicine, because nearly everyone is dealing with at least one of the factors listed above. [ Chris is talking about low blood sugar and poor gut health above] Symptoms of adrenal stress are diverse and nonspecific, because the adrenals affect every system in the body. But some of the more common symptoms are:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Decreased immunity
  • Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up
  • Mood swings
  • Sugar and caffeine cravings
  • Irritability or lightheadedness between meals
  • Eating to relieve fatigue
  • Dizziness when moving from sitting or lying to standing
  • Gastric ulcers

Weak adrenals can cause hypothyroid symptoms without any problem in the thyroid gland itself. In such cases, treating the thyroid is both unnecessary and ineffective, and addressing the adrenals themselves is the key to improving thyroid function. [you can read the whole article here]

This strategy for transformation address all three of the biggest problems we who suffer from hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease face, low blood sugar management, poor gut health (can I tell you how messed up my gut is after five different rounds of antibiotics to kick the pneumonia?) and supporting adrenal health.

You are welcome to join me as I transform with the best hypothyroid diet plan I have found. In fact there is a $50 gift card with your name on it waiting for you at: simply type in bewellandprosper to claim your reward.

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