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It can be hard to stay motivated to keep after you health especially when you are dealing with depression issues related to an under active thyroid

7 Tips For Sleeping Better With Hypothyroidism

tips for better sleeping

Sleep that elusive state of bliss for most of  us that suffer with hypothyroidism. We are tired… Dog tired – most of the day. Yet, when we crawl into bed for some reason, suddenly our brains won’t shut up and we spend the time that should be a wonderful retreat, starring at the ceiling wishing…

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The Hypothyroidism Depression Connection

depression thyroid connection

If you are suffering from multiple hypothyroid symptoms, like hair loss, thinning of the eyebrows on the outer corners, weird little circular bruises under your arms, dry skin (even though you drink a lot of water), constipation, tired all of the time (except in the middle of the night when you are supposed to sleep)…

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Beat Hypothyroidism – Get A New Life

Beat Hypothyroidism

For many years I have struggled with the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The loss of hair, weight gain, cold hands and feet (even though the rest of me can be roasting), weird little circular bruises under my arms, anxiety, depression, constipation, extreme exhaustion but unable to sleep. If you, too, suffer with hypothyroidism you know what…

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